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Maruti Multichem Group, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Reactive Dyestuffs. Maruti Multichem Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1987 by Dr. R.R. Gupta.( Chairman & Managing Director ) , and now being ably carried forward by his two sons :- Mr. Prashant Gupta, a highly qualified Chemical Engineer. Mr. Viral Gupta, (MBA) Maruti Multichem Pvt Ltd is having highly motivated team of young entrepreneurs and trained technocrats for smooth and efficient functioning for manufacturing marketing and after sales services. The company occupies a prominent presence in today’s chemical exports scene now from Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad enjoys the status of one of the leading producer of Reactive and other dyes globally. It is well connected by air, rail and roads to rest of India and several global destinations. Maruti Multichem Pvt. Ltd. has a total Production capacity 4000 MT per annum The aim of the company is to offer customers the benefit of established close ties and extensive knowledge of the producers world-wide, strong international links, technical expertise, competitive sourcing and efficient supply chain management. we also offer specialized dyestuffs similar to multinational brands &. All our products are ECO Friendly & AZO-Free. .


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